Three Tips to Balancing School and Work

South Dakota native Brittany Kuecker recently completed a bachelor’s degree, majoring in sociology and political science, at South Dakota State University in Brookings. During her undergraduate career, Brittany Kuecker learned to balance school and work, as she worked throughout college, serving as a night desk manager at an area motel and helping out at animal shelter.

Below are some tips for establishing a balance between work and school.

1. Find a job with flexible hours. Plenty of part-time jobs, especially jobs targeting students, offer accommodating schedules. Restaurant and retail positions are two examples; both fields feature flexible working hours and weekend shifts.
2. Keep a daily schedule and follow it closely in order not to fall behind. This tip will help out later in life when balancing family and work, as well.
3. Make time for yourself. Social/play time helps students to blow off steam and allows them to rest the mind, which aids in retention of valuable information.