Why Ride a Bike on Campus

Brittany Kuecker recently received her bachelor of science degree with a double major in sociology and political science from South Dakota State University. Despite trying to balance both her course load and work schedule, Brittany Kuecker maintains an active lifestyle, working out when she can and riding a bike to classes.

Riding bikes while in college is not only a great way to get exercise amid a busy schedule, but it is a great way to save money, protect the environment, and have a day free of traffic. With the rising cost of gas, driving to school and around campus every day can be practical for students with a tight budget. Biking is also a great form of aerobic exercise and keeps the heart and body healthy.

Bicycling in the morning also wakes the body up, allowing students to save money on coffee, while still being attentive during the day. Riding a bike to college eliminates the need to find a parking space. Once on campus, bicycling to class is almost twice as fast as walking, making it easier to reach classes on the opposite side of campus.