The Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference

A graduate of South Dakota State University, Brittany Kuecker acquired a bachelor of science and double majored in political science and sociology; she is currently working towards her master’s degree in those subjects. As an active member of the academic community, Brittany Kuecker represented Canada at the Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) in 2011.

The AMUNC will be celebrating its 38th anniversary in 2014, the event allows college students in the upper Midwest and part of Canada to participate in three days of simulated global politics. This contest replicates four of the most important committees of the United Nations, and students get to choose which nation they want to represent. Prior to the event, delegates must research and produce resolutions related to international disputes and current events from the point of view of their “adopted country.” Additionally, during competitions they must defend their requests against contrarian nations.

2011’s AUMNC took place at Minnesota State University and featured hundreds of delegates from more than 25 schools. South Dakota State University sent students representing 15 countries, 9 of which earned Distinguished Delegate Awards.