Brittany Kuecker: Applying to Graduate School

After graduating from South Dakota State University, Brittany Kuecker successfully applied to graduate school. She will continue her studies in the social sciences.

Applying to graduate school can be an exhausting and strenuous experience. Follow these general guidelines to help eliminate some of the stress:

1. Don’t procrastinate: While you may have been good at churning out papers at the last minute during your undergraduate days, you’ll want to plan ahead for graduate school applications, which can require a lot of work and preparation. Plus, more students are applying to graduate schools than ever, so you’ll want your application to stand out.

2. Carefully follow instructions: Make sure you read the directions and follow them. No school wants a student who doesn’t follow the rules.

3. Proofread your application: You may have outstanding credentials, but a poorly written and edited application will offset your other attributes.

4. Relax: It’s important to care enough about your application to do a good job, but don’t get so wrapped up in the process that you worry or lose sleep over it. A calm, clear head will produce a better application.