About Brittany Kuecker

An active member of her Florence, South Dakota community, Brittany Kuecker attended Sunday School classes and Confirmation classes at the Florence/New Helgen Lutheran Church and remains a congregation member today. Brittany Kuecker also volunteers with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ladies Auxiliary. Among her duties as a Life Member with the VFW, Brittany Kuecker regularly attends functions at the South Dakota State Convention in support of soldiers who fought to defend the United States. Today, Brittany Kuecker spends most of her time studying at the South Dakota State University and is on track to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Brittany Kuecker has always excelled academically. Before entering South Dakota State University, Brittany Kuecker graduated from high school, where she also participated in intramural sports and artistic programs. During her time in high school, Brittany Kuecker garnered attention as a member of the gymnastics team, where she competed for four years, learning about physical fitness, posture, and coordination. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Brittany Kuecker excelled as a competitor in the Oral Interpretation program. Brittany Kuecker traveled around the state to give spoken presentations in several categories, including Interpretation of Serious Plays, Reader’s Theatre, Interpretation of Serious Prose, Non-Original Oratory, Duet Interpretation, or Poetry Reading. Brittany Kuecker earned high marks from judges every year. Brittany Kuecker completed her high school education with a 3.0 grade point average, which she achieved while working full time and excelling in extracurricular events.


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